Essays Keeper(s)
the exhibition

Three essays were commissioned for the printed material accompanying the exhibition, from Denise Kwan, Ciara Healy and Owen Griffiths. The brief was to write something that related to the exhibition space and concerns common to the keepers.

Denise Kwan approached the issues of the contemporary gallery through her early experiences of growing up in a take-away restaurant, while Ciara Healy provided an introduction to her research into the nature of ‘thin places’, those locations where history and emotion poke through the ‘thickness’ of contemporary life. Owen Griffiths looked back at the history of the Mission and started the process of gathering in the memories of those who have visited and worked in the gallery over the last 30 or 40 years.

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Keeper(s) Pack

Keepers pack
The printed material accompanying the exhibition consisted of 8 pamphlets – one for each Keeper, one a general introduction to the exhibition and worksheet for children, and one each for the essays by Denise Kwan, Ciara Healy and Owen Griffiths. These with 16 postcards – 4 images from each Keeper – were presented in a box with stickers.


There are a some ‘Working Materials’ boxes remaining and available on request. Simply send us an email and we will contact you to discuss availability: